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Lorine Mikhaeil

Owner Zena Day Spa, Founder APCI, Advanced Intradermal Pigmentation Master Trainer, BS in Nursing

Lorine is a wife, a mother and the proud owner of the Zena Spa in Los Angeles, CA and founder of the APCI School of Intradermal Cosmetics.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Azuza Pacific University.   Her experience includes 6 years in the medical field.  She then went on to earn her Master Trainer Certification in Advanced Intradermal Pigmentation and has performed hundreds of successful procedures.

"Helping women to look and feel more beautiful is my life long passion. When I enhance a woman's features she looks and feels great. The modern woman does not have time to put on make-up every day. She has too many demands on her time with a career and family. With permanent make-up, she can always look fabulous. It's stress free make-up."  Lorine combines science and art and focuses on helping women to get their self-esteem back after a mastectomy. "Where I feel that I can really help women is in the area of breast reconstruction. I can restore the areola to look real for women who have lost their nipple due to breast cancer. There is no greater pleasure for me then to see the look on a woman's face after I have re-created her areola. She feels beautiful and sexy again."

Lorine owns and runs Zena Day Spa in Los Angeles, California.  The spa boasts 6500 square feet of salon and medispa services and amenities.  Here, among other things, Lorine invented the hair brush stroke, which gives a 3d dimension to eyebrows when permanent makeup is used to create or enhance them.  She also created the method of lash enhancement lining, which is dotting of pigment right bewteen the lashes, mimicking the look of thicker lashes, rather than just a straight line.  Lorine believes in and promotes the use of organic pigments in intradermal cosmetic applications, as they are organic, natural and last longer, without fading to other colors as time goes on.  She so passionately believes in it for clients so that color changing, iron oxide pigment usage and other challenges of the old school, standard practices can be circumvented completely from the experience.

With so much experience providing beauty and cosmetic services that satisfy her customers, Lorine wants to help others interested in the fields of cosmetology, spa and salon services to find their own rewarding place in an industry with a future as bright and promising as Health and Beauty certainly will be.